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2019 Joseph Parsons ‘Digging For Rays’ (Meer Music / Blue Rose Records)
2018 Joseph Parsons 'Origins I' (Meer Music)
2017 Hardpan 'Hardpan' (Blue Rose Records/Soulfood)
2016 Joseph Parsons 'The Field The Forest' (Meer Music / Blue Rose Records/EDEL)
2016 Joseph Parsons Band 'LIVE 2' (Meer Music)
2016 Joseph Parsons 'LIVE 1' (Meer Music)
2015 US Rails 'Right Where We Left It' (Meer Music)
2015 Hardpan 'Tarpaper, Chicken Wire & Nails' (Meer Music)
2014 Parsons Thibaud 'Eden' (Blue Rose Records)
2014 Joseph Parsons 'Empire Bridges' (Meer Music / Blue Rose Records)
2012 US Rails 'Heartbreak Superstar (Blue Rose Records)
2012 US Rails 'Wire & Wood' (USR Records)
2012 US Rails 'Southern Canon' (Blue Rose Records)
2011 Parsons Thibaud 'Transcontinental Voices (Blue Rose Records)
2011 Joseph Parsons 'Hope For Centuries' (Meer Music)
2010 US Rails 'US Rails' (Blue Rose Records)
2010 Joseph Parsons Band ‘Live DVD’
2009 Joseph Parsons Band 'Slaughterhouse Live' (Blue Rose Records)
2008 Joseph Parsons 'Falling
2008 Joseph Parsons 'Heavens Above' (Blue Rose Records)
2007 Parsons Thibaud 'Parsons Thibaud' (Blue Rose Records)
2006 Joseph Parsons 'The Fleury Sessions' (Blue Rose Records)
2005 Joseph Parsons 'The Vagabond Tales' (Blue Rose Records)
2003 4 Way Street 'Pretzel Park' (Sanctuary Records)
2003 Hardpan 'Live' (Blue Rose Records)
2002 Hardpan 'Hardpan' (Blue Rose Records)
2000 Joseph Parsons Band 'Live In Europe' (Blue Rose Records)
2000 Joseph Parsons 'Live In Europe-Solo'
1999 Joseph Parsons 'Joseph Parsons’ (The Black Record) (Blue Rose Records)
1998 Joseph Parsons '5am' Europe (Blue Rose Records)
1997 Joseph Parsons '5am' USA (Woof Records)
1995 Joseph Parsons 'Lies...' (Woof Records)
1993 Joseph Parsons 'Live At The Tin Angel' (Paix Music)
1989 Joseph Parsons 'Breathe' (Paix Music)
1986 Joseph Parsons ‘The Ride’ (Unreleased)